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Kevin McAuliffe’s Top Five Favorite Products of 2009

Originally published on by Kevin McAuliffe Stereo 3D Toolbox from Dashwood Cinema Solutions (Mac) I remember a long time ago when I saw a product from Avid called Marquee. It was (is) a title tool for Avid editors, and at the time I first saw it, it ran on its own independent system, and [...]

Software Review: Stereo3D Toolbox

Originally published in MicroFilmmaker Magazine Jan 1, 2010 by A.J. Wedding “Stereoscopic 3-D is the most exciting evolution in cinema presentation since color and widescreen. The question for film-makers is not ‘why 3D?,’ since the reasons are obvious, at least to audiences, and the negatives have all been removed. The question should be ‘how do [...]